A World Full Of Lies. (Title by Rhea Trehan. Written by P.S)

You feel the deep pain.
But the deepness is too dark & unexplained.
Unstoppable nags of shames.
Blades to ultimately wither it all away.
Hate, breeding pure hate; pure self hate.

You want to cry,
But tears don’t fill up the eyes.
Just lost numb, staring at nothing & thinking to die.
As soon as possible take you’re own life.
Betray yourself with the lies.
Whatevers present on the inside.
Eating you’re maniac brains out alive.
Somethings are never good, I am secretly terrified.

An ultimate victim to a world full of lies.
Going deep down to hell; goodbye!.
They say everything, but anyways die.
From the inside.
Hidden pain behind.
Mouth gets dry.
Can’t fucking describe.
Voices in my head winning all the time.
Viciously numbed & getting paralysed.
The inner strength, the inner guide.
Everyday it turning me much more blind.
Can’t trust myself; neither my life.
Bleeding Everyday.
Mind Slaved.
Human brain.
Dissociated to lost ways.

Brainstorms to mindfuck again.
Can’t seem to suppress the hate.
Emotions & feelings abused, mind to get raped.
Uncontrolled anger. Bloodthirsty rage.
Will kill you not today, not tomorrow but someday. Some other day.

What’s you’re issue?
What’s you’re excuse?
I’m gonna reply anger reduced.
Pain to seduce.
Too broken to loose,
Whatever we choose.
Addicted & fooled.
Safety with diabolical rules.
A self destructive child fuelled.
Drag out the fear, but I too confused.
“Hungry for a high”; that’s what it certainly dooes.


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