Simply A Choice

A room full of mirrors.
a price paid for filthy negation.
intrusions driving towrds failure.
a face covered, masks for variation.
a long long drive; craving insanity contemplation.
What you’re about to dare?
Why do I even care?
it’s out of my head, I can’t figure out, I can’t understand.
breakdown of a powerful will.
a hardly swallowed godamn pill.
recovery not chosen, just forced upon to deal with.
A shotgun held finally to kill.

Out of my own,
Fucking control,
Loosing the paddles;of the stable boat.
A deep long ocean to cross; With compulsive, grinding, self defeating thoughts.
A prison comprising of just 1 slave & 1 boss.

Get rid of it.
Not that easy enough to quit.
Lies deep deep across within.

Can’t even find a place.
To just lie down & sob in shame.
Cut myself, scars of disgrace.
It’s just too late
victim’s too lost now, disorderly fade.

Worthy of nothing.
Didn’t even had the balls to give a fuck about something.
All in all concluded to be negatively rich.
Possessed by an evil, Obidient to a bitch.
Not able to surpress the sudden mood swings.
Don’t speak about this to anyone, she’s whispering.
On the verge, on the brink.
too much hollow, bleak,
weak & rapidly, to shrink.
Infectious mind blacked out on reality to remain more sick.
Worthless piece of fucking lying shit.

one more day gone.
scars to last forever long.
are you goddamn fucking crazy?
thats what people everytime ask me.
a question that certainly pisses off me.
why me? say why me?
so finally.
I deny the right to be.
alive in this reality.
coping inside the ways of insanity.
stuck to measure the scale of my own tragedies.

a storm to arrive however,
the choices again don’t matter.
the spiral will lead you back to wherever,
the fortunate demons that torture whenever,
they feel obliged to harm the victim; satisfying guilty pleasures.
struck in unity, together.
Filthy ways to engange in failure.
A mind altered. A state of condition.
a mirror of reflection, distorted perceptions.
An area of fear, claustrophobic tensions.

people say you deserve by what you do and earn by how you do.
practically you deserve what you don’t but earn a loyal trust, still a fool.
hollow inside, still a noob.
Dumb, moronic bastard, fool.
can’t figure himself out, totally confused.
his weapon of choice, his personal tool.
guilt to cut over his arms, walking with those razors, kept in his shoes,
just infact, all over used.

Written by :- P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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