The Damaged One

Mentally affected.
Physically Defected.
Trying to put together the pieces.
Rolling the dices.
Long Long Sleeves.
To cover up the scars of self defeat.
Living through the filthy nightmares, like in dreams.
All in all piling up to a negative feed.
pick up the razor, pick up the blade.
Ease a bit. Carve out the pain.
As pain rises, a new grin of relief comes to ur face.

A disease of the mind.
That gets everything behind.
Dominating to bully under his lines.
Direction once opted hard to finally deny.
To quit.
Only to exit.
Still there’s no way.
The gates still remain.
suicide, too easy escape.
waking up with disgust everyday.
filled with unforgiven shame.
ferociously chosen to stay.
Hidden clauses to contaminate.
Helpless negotiations to degrade.
nothing left to add further or to say.

bitterly denied.
hard to find.
the will to survive.
red skin lines.
struggling behind.
compulsed choice.
cheating & lying.
rejections of demise.
Isolated to hide.
Loosing daily fights.
infected by mind.
A maddening life.
a bipolar guide.
pulling up ur own sleeves.
Another cut,
filthy blood.
surrendered to self defeat.
loving the nightmares.
adapting in dreams.
on your knees.
a form of non negotiable treaty.
cried myself everynight to fucking sleep.
a maddening disease.
nothing more left to feel.
the contaminated entities.
Oh what the fuck?? what a shield.
So I wasn’t the perfect one.
simply walked away & turned.
to engange in filthy mechanisms.
what Have I done?
what have I become
The funamental damaged one.
Seduced to self destruct.
quickly running out of luck.
Therapeutic Failure.
areas of hell over here.
razor blade pierce.
helpless to your own worst fears.

Written by :- P.S. (PATIENT Stan)


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