Perfect Imperfections.


1 – Bodily obsessed.
Freakishly Possessed.
Be thin or you won’t matter with the rest.
Nil to fulfill.
Bridging the gap b/w being mentally Ill.
A lost motivation, a lost will.
The adrenaline rush of panic.
Instable blood pressure due to excessive vomit.
Light headed, feeling cold.
Starve or fail to what you’ve been told.

2 – My life bleeds.
So let me cut, let me bleed.
It makes me feel alive & it’s kind of a release.
Feeling the screams inside that gnaws & feeds.
Leaving there totally helpless indeed.

3 – No matter how you try to accommodate.
Still society will judge you anyways.
It’s rather better to isolate.
Give yourself some breathing space.
Words hurt the sensitive.
No fucking bullshit.
They casually pick up a razor to ease a bit.
No matter what you say, it’ll only give the power to the enemy within.
Contaminating insides.
Madness with sharp knives.

4 – Broken Down.
Processing to severely doubt.
C’mon hit me now I say.
Nothings gonna cure me anyways.
Try to remain calm with the blade.
Operate to self hate.
Destroy yourself don’t wait.

5 – On the Outside.
We all smile.
But you don’t have an idea, who’s reality is twisted; downward – Upright.
Don’t talk, just hide.
Don’t show them the scars they’ll cry.
But I bet observing  them, you’re own eyes will be bloodshot red, but dry.
Because the will to survive.
Has now been slaughtered, maimed & is secretly losing fights.
Surrendering all; literally terrified.

6 – Numbed for so long.
Wounds to heal. So do it; perform.
In too deep.
You won’t be able to feel.
That the victim is seriously struggling.
Hiding his scars away to further bleeding.
An addictive healing.
Negatively dealing.
Provided to killing.
Cold chest, heart not beating.
Days passing.
Stuck inside, still failing.
Slowly degrading.

Written By :- P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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