MUSIC (Last Hopes)


Music love😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

1- A fire ignition.

A pure desire, affectionate obsession.

Afair of a lover.

A fellow worshipper.
2 – MUSIC gives you wings to fly.

And spaces to breathe.

Gently, across the street.

Outburst of negatavities.

Forever meant to be,

A true lover; Indeed.
3 – Fighter.


Calm down! Breathe easier.

With it, without fear.

Too attached, too near.

Destroy negativity, from what you hear. 

Sounds good? A natural deer.

Struggling his way out; Headbanged & Cleared.

Negative fear.
4 – Outburst as in artform.

Slowly growing, developing like a new born.

Go out there & Perform.

Aggressions took out.

Inside it, positive vibes found.

Every Rule , Every Norm.

Do it!! Perform.

Outburst as in artform. 
5 – Passionate lover.

From all evils, feeling calmer.

Spaces to breathe harder & sharper.

Meditational pounding bass, Headbanged, Stronger.

Feeling alive, Live longer.
6 – Outburst as in artform.

So do it! Perform.

Go out.

Do it for the sick minds like you; Borned.

Outburst as in artform.
Written by P.S.


Pessimistic Prism

Negative Thoughts Procedures

1 – Alcoholic, blind.

Can’t recognise.

To survive???

Living dead from the inside.

Negativity hides.

Unable to describe.

Comes out when try to deny.

Dead or alive??
2 – I trusted you.

I was the fool.

In giving you.

The freedom to loose.

You rage on me shoots,

Like a bullet from a gun into.

My sensitive heart broken by you.
3 – One more cut.

What a bloody idiot.

Self destructive behaviour.

Sibling hater.

Blade fader.

Bleeding better.

Words sharpener. 
4 – Perception has been blurred.

Out of a simple infection.

Pessimism to imperfections.

A particular center.

Defining the will of obsessions.

Looking for deep & dark sections.


For a simple strike to survival.

A general degradation.

Everything blamed further.

Cutting, hater.

Filthy shit! Pathetic Looser.

5 – A game changer.

All medicines taken.

Insanity still craved inner.

Under a strict disorder.

Relapsing power.

A wounding generator.

Surprisingly heavier.

Mood swinger.

Do it!! You’re a failure.

A Losing Dealer.

Lighter, yet a LOOSER.
Written By P.S

Jet Black Jeans

Wearable + Comfort



Jet black jeans.

Wearing feels.


Pleasure full, indeed.

Jet black jeans.

Of a power.

Top tower.

Body of a bower.

Respectively grower.

Kind shower.

Pure empath.


Wearing fun.




A happy fest.

Wearing it feels a bit.

Rush of highs hit.

Totally buy it.

Take it.

Everything makes it.

Simply fantastatic.


Jet black jeans.

Wearing feels.




Still be.

Pleasure full, indeed.


Jet black jeans.
Written by P.S





Not happy.

Why freak?

Answer me.




Blind variety.

This isn’t meant to be.

What are you looking at?

Answer me.

Why such blades in need??



To choose.

Too obtuse.

Let loose.

A fool.

Censoring tools.

Everything is fused.

Mind obtained to reduce.

Again lying on floor; let loose.
Everything swallow.

Dirty, hollow.

Deeply shallow.

Cracking narrow.

Periods of; boroughed.

A stuck shadow.

Behind with an arrow.

Supervision, follow.

Dark & low.

Lower than before.

Confusing doors.

Mundane holes.

Strictly controlled.
Survival efforts

United together.

But lose everything for better.
Written by P.S

Shagun Suri (My Psychologist)

Angel from heaven

1 – Shagun Suri.

Well known psychologist with a number of theories.





She is purity.

She is an angel to guide my destiny.
2 – Talking to you.

These depressing roots.

Thoughts of anxious truths.

Help me! A request to groove,

My sold soul, dancing on negative loops.

Help this freak.

Try your best indeed.

Meeting up is like a cool smooth breeze.

Resting ahead calmly. 
3 – My savior.

To my self destructive behavior.

Kind & gentle.

You are awesome.

Fresh mind tree blossoms.

Discussing things which makes me feel better.

You are one hell of a racer.

I hope to get a speedy recovery out of this depression.

And out of self harming intentions.
4 – A bright sunshine.

Filled with hopeful light.

Everything she does, she shines.

True beauty; totally dignified.


A connection by surprise.

You make me smile.

Everything. Everytime.

More than a psychologist, my guiding lifeline.

Written by P.S For her Psychologist Mrs. Shagun Suri.

Ms. Pragya Dhaka



1 – The silent one.

The introvert. 

But she is better.

Than just a formal letter.

Shaped to perfection.

Looks like a Business-Woman.
2 – Pragya is known as knowledge.

Treasure to a sea full of happiness.

Never fakes nor pretends.

Beautifully known as like a trend.

A really strong woman.
3 – Purity.


Smilling pretty.

Looking happy.

Always happy.

Loves affectionately.

Proud to feel,

Her friend, INDEED.

Valued Soul, Powerful Body.

True beauty.
Written by P.S for her friend Ms. Pragya Dhaka


Craving for more cuts…

1 – A gentle war.

Behind loosing bombs.

Self destruction on.

Stumbling upon.

Blades perform.

Totally deformed.
2 – Angry craves.

Frustrating days.

Wasted away.


Cutting again.

Why this shame?

Of self hate.

Addictively behaves.

Lost to fade.
3 – Who am I? 

Whoever dies.

Doesn’t makes a difference, cuze time flies.

Wind of time.


Reality died.

Blurry hide.

Totally deny.

Lie. Just lies.

Mind pre-occupied.