1 – All pointed fingers.
Exclaiming out all of the failures.
Deluded by what’s actually real.
Misguided towards a fall with final fear.
An unplanned death, running near.
A veteran fighting a loosing fight.
In the the end, he also knows, he wouldn’t survive.
Instead of living in shame, it’s better to die.
Alcoholic dependancy & a depressing night.
A knot held in my hand, thinking about suicide.
Almost close to ending my own life.

2 –  A final decision made.
A fucked up mind again.
Slowly starts to generate.
Thoughts occupied with disgusting hate.
Degradation absolutely maintained.
Stay Obidient or else you’ll be slapped across the face.
With a blade, running deep across you’re arms, 90° Straight.
Bleeding Out, let’s  fucking wait.
Wait to fucking see, what all remains.

3 -A locked up cage.
My mind locks myself again.
All kinds of mechanics, completely failed.
A living body, slowly rotting away.
There’s absolutely nothing in this life, left to gain.
Possessed to obsess over; TERMINATE.
Evil stays.
Neither it fades.
Nor you could debate.
Evil mind in a possessed state.
Starting to take control to celebrate.
To kill it’s victim & erase his name.
Nagging continously to irritate.
Turning him miserably insane.

4 – A shotgun held too close.
Loosing all the necessary controls.
A lost soul.
All lost hopes.
Bam – Bam…Here the fucking trigger goes.
Face splattered, brain exploded, blood on the floor.
Bye – bye dear, lying there, absolutely cold.
A lost life & a sold soul.
Died with his choices, which no one would ever come to know.
A failed patient, that wasn’t able to cope.
Left all of it & instead chose.
A godamn black, closing door.
He got wasted just now, but died a very long – long time ago.

Written By :- P.S. (PATIENT Stan)


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