Danger Anger, Danger Anger

The urge.

The sharp curves.

The blade.

Unforgiven shames.

Unknown fear of gaining weight.

Lost & deranged.

Cut again, deeper & deeper, more closer to you’re veins.

End it all, nothings the same.

Leave it all hanging you shitty face.

More than just a game.

Whenever picking up that blade.

Bleeding pathetic shames.

Pain kills the pain.

It is not you I blame.

Just a relieving form of self hate.
Pariah brains with rare luck.

Demented blades to completely mindfuck.
Keep it inside.

Beneath all of the lies.

Just respond, I’m fine.

Pretty easily saying goodbye. 
Divert the conversation.

Measure yourself to precision.

Numb, cold & dead; mood repetitions.

Afraid might loose the station.

One final fucking mission. 

To reach the relapse final destination.

Can’t seem to stop, lost senses & vision.

A completely altered perception.
Nights of Madness. 

Days of lost choices.

Provoking voices.

Wasted lifeless ness. 

OBEY!  You’re highness.

Delirium hypeness.

Insanity guidance.

Living with nightmares.
Danger Anger, Danger Anger.

Fearing you’re own filthy manners.

Habitat of addictions.

Struggling behind; kept it all hidden.

Scared, that It might one day become.

Too much of a painful toxic obsession.

Can’t seem to get it all straight together. 

Hands down, surrendered to you’re own demons.

All forms of negotiations seems like dissociation.

Once again fighting those urges, razors of parallel dimensional motion.

Danger Anger, Danger Anger.

Management to a pain forever.

Danger Anger, Danger Anger.

Fulfilling treasures.

Memories & word put together.

Danger Anger, Danger Anger.

Fade it all at once, to a pain forever.

To an everlasting pain, forever & forever.
Danger Anger.

Danger Anger.
Written by :- P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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