​Functions Of Ritualistic Animosity 

1 – Distancing yourself from reality.

Admitted in a mental ward with wounded fatalities.

Isolated away from the mainstream society.

A form of disgrace to your entire family.

Possessed by a negative gravity.

Giving shelter to relapsed veterans suffering from self injury.

Provided with Medications & therapy, to many, like me.

A grip on the shotgun more tighter.

To shoot down a brave fighter.

Aim to shoot.

While your target is loose.

A mind altered & negatively confused.
2 – Totally insane.

Remaining the same.

An unhealthy mind all corrupted to hate.

A crashing system.

A mayday mission.

A loose connection.

An optimistic delusion.

A lost vision.

All prepared to failure.

Now you’ll come to see.

Soon, pretty soon, the very best of me.

Said the voices deep inside, talking to me.

We could live in serenity.

We could achieve so much in unity.
3 – Non existent to severe recommendations.

Regarding denial even in scarce measures.

Ended up into this void, made up of things.

A transformation to insanity slowly begins.

A predator left behind to kill.

A gentle push towards the barriers of thrills.

Fight the enemy, face it from within.

A lost battle to an enemy that never forgives.

Recovery initials stabilised.

But a mind leaned to slowly destroy; it’s own choice.

Confused with time, turning paranoid.
4 – Insanity rituals.

Profound misbehaviours.

Sacred social evils.

Dysmorphic contemplation.

All applied to open more sick infections.

A matchstick perception.

Disgusted by contortions on mirrors.

A positive intervention.

To inform what all is actually bitter.

Like a caterpillar.

Stuck in a godamn spiral.

Freedom is now actually a sick pleasure.

A sick pleasure, to self denial.
Written by :- P.S (PATIENT Stan)


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