Relapsing Liability.

Put the pressure.

Applied failure.



Emptying proof.

Pathetic fool.

Drain it away.

Cutting fades.

Destructive flames.

Of self hate.

Bleeding pain.

Form of gain.

Feeling ashamed.

Nightmares cry.


Wounded pain inside.

Can’t choose to deny.

From the lies.

Left behind.

Wake up???!!

What the fuck??!!!

Just one more cut.

Start the numb.

Feel dumb.

No fun.

Alive today.

One more day.

Dead hate.

Haunting weight.

Speed dial.


All in my mind.

Disgusted by,

An unknown voice.

Filled by a hollow void.

Frequencies of ambush noise.

I’m trying.

I’m fine.

I’m lying.

I’m dying.

I’m getting.

Fat shaming.

Self loathing.

Hopless moping.

Liability… I’m troubling.

Written by P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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