Dead With The Rest

I have friends.

That makes the best.

Singled out; alone fest.

A quiet nest.

An unknown bet.

Torn & shed.


In severe depth.

With friends of confidence.

Trust them.

Fear reject.

Failure defect.

Still added.


Overthinking faded.

Completely hopless.

Comforting friends.

Tried their best.
Still I feel so alone.

Alone & cold.

Miserable & unknown.

Dynamically broke.

Whatever you told.

Makes me know.

I’m not sure.

Wether you will leave.

Or push to put up with me.

I feel nothing.

Just hopelessly breathing.

I want to cut to feel something.

Or else I’ll be panicking.

I am hurting.

I am nothing.

I am a failure, at most of my things.

So give up on me.

And keep running.
Or else I’ll be rude.

I’ll shout the brutally true.

And then you will definitely choose.

The opposed view.

I was successful, in pushing you.
Stay away.

It’s better that way.

I am a mess, who doesn’t cooperates.

I’ll be fine today.

Tomorrow’s, nothingness will be the same.

I’ll feel ashamed.

Drinking my pain.

Alcoholic waste.

Imagining abandoning phase.

Degrade. Degrade.

Mind full of hate. 

Again & again.

Thoughts pile up the weight.

Pick up blade.

Feel the pain.

You deserve it; you are lame.

Entering the delirium state.

End the game.

Destined to your grave.

Helpless & hopeless fate.
Bleeding red.

What’s the best?

You are, killing yourself.

Maybe I’m possessed.

Totally obsessed.

Absolutely worthless.

No one to help.

Isolated but dealt.

Measured to get.

The thin targets.

Life to lifeless.

Applied madness.

Strict but careless.

Slow & emotionless.

Will to test.

Survival shed.

Failed instead.

Dead with the rest.

Written by P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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