Patiently Silent 

Patient stan.

Fucked up man.

All he understands.

Is hatred grand.
Days fade.

Full of hate.

Night phase.

Begin again.

Out of the way.

A blade placed.
Collect it all.

Who’s the boss?

Mind informed.

Whatever you want.

Dead & gone.

Blood lost.


Burdens, sharp.

Guilty marks.

Healing scars.

Sensing dark.

Relapse fast.
Don’t talk.

Just perform.

All loss.

Everyone drops.

Outsider box.

So why care at all.

HyperSensitive always wrong.
Patiently silent.

Feeling anxious.

Cutting madness.

Outbursting sadness.

While being patiently silent.

Written by P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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