A Written Apology 

A true friend indeed.That was never supposed to be,
Treated so badly.

By This nasty freak.

Who can’t figure his  own destiny.

The will,

To live.

Has ended.

But because of you.

I found myself.

In the most darkest.

In the most deepest


Feeled it.

Healed it.

Understood bits.

Wasn’t supposed to be treated,

In such a pathetic,

With words of hatred.
Don’t leave me.

I repeat.

I request, Mr. Flip Dippity


This is my written apology.

To you, from me.

Accept please! Or I’ll loose to insanity.

That’s gently pushing me.

Life to hell here, feeling guilty.

Yes I am guilty.

I am a pathetic freak.

So please! Forgive me!

Because you’re my pillar, and my shield.
Written by P.S  (PATIENT Stan)


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