In A While…


Pick .


Against skin.

Words fail.

Dying days.

Confused & Dazed.

Meds, take.

But still not okay.
These thoughts.

Appear rocks.

Air to hit across.

Anxiously fought.

Why? Self harm?

Cuze I’m losing apart.

These feelings of emptiness lasts.

Addicted? Or self destructive?

No choices.

Provoking voices.
Party hard.

With blade marks.

Cut deep & sharp.

Deal the dark.

Relapse fast.

Don’t Ask.

It’s undescibed.





Wounded inside.

Lost sight.

Messy right???

Absolutely fine.
In a while…

Surrendering Lines.

Time binds.

Left behind.

Can’t recognise.

Pain to feel alive.

Somethings not right.

Tell me it’s gonna be alright.

But I’m not sure what I.

Will do tonight.

I’ve already planned to hide.


One thought on “In A While…

  1. I really like your poems 🙂 This is unsolicited and I hope I don’t embarrass or offend, but I just wanted to let you know (cause I’ve noticed it a few times) that if you are losing something (as in it’s disappearing) it’s lose/losing not loose/loosing. It’s dumb but it’s a pet peeve of mine 😛 I love the way you write though, and ty for sharing.

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