Visibly Invisible 

1 – Visibly invisible. Can’t keep his own shit together.

Whinning to friends forever.

But turning to be a mean bastard.

Always pushing off people.

Another lying filth cutter.
2 – Aggressions.


All gave up.


Guiding others to survival will.

But slowly giving, up all of it.


Don’t run or else I’ll loose & hit.

Again begin.

To cut a bit.


I’ll be shattered to pieces.

But can’t seem to take about friendship.

Delusions of powerful hits.

3 – Visibly Invisible.

Can’t see his own friends, supporting, Order.


With him, for him, Forever.

Loosing to relapsed & a failure.

Disruption of his own family to disorders.

A failed perception.

Lost Negations.

Mind Surrendered.

To slowly loose & become,

Visibly Invisible.


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