I crave for blades

1 – I feel like.

Treated nice.

Still feeling outside.



Rejected by.

Closed. Cried.

Left behind.

Pain to feel alive.

Craving it from the inside.



Why I Like?

Bleeding lines.

Answer my resolution; find.

Whenever I loose my mind.

Why am I?

So secretive & shy.

Softer sensitive designed.

Damaged kid lies.

To protect others from exposed pain recognised.

There’s a reason to why I hide.

I feel hollow & blind.

Can’t find way…why??

Can’t escape pain…denied.

Beliefs died.

With closed eyes.

Chosen guide.

Depending child.
2 – Mind sick.

Progression quit.

Bloody shit.

What is this???

Cutting bill.

Against will.

Why this???

Will solve anything??

I replied anger within.

Ended with.

Pure adrenaline.

Price of pain to kill.

All the negatives.

Probably best if.

You hide still.

Cuts & all of the disaster pieces.

3 – Seen it, felt it, but a cut to deal with.

Filthy shit.

Relapse bitch.

Pick up with.

Craving a bit.

Good drift.

Across the skin.

Deeper, begin.

One more hit.

Please let it.

Let me do it.

Why stop? I deserve this gift.

To become & turn so much self destructive.

That no one would be able to deal it.

4 – Relapse; Bitch.

C’mon u filth.

Pick it up & feel free if.

You dig deep across your skin.

Blood Wasted.

Insanely tasted.

Pain craveness 

Essential madness.

With cuts, drive away sadness.

Found a new neutral nest.

For the best.

Blood shed.

Loose lets…

Blades net.

For the best.


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