My other Mother.

Happy Hours of pro recovery

Today.Made my day.With you’re lovely ways.

All I needed was taste,

Freedom & happiness you gave.

I will fight everyday.

Figure my guilt & shames.

Talking to you makes it fade.

Reduced self hate.

Logically placed.
You’re a gift to me.

I feel easy & you are like my shield.

Guiding a lost sheep.

Who will guide is you, so please.

Be patient and address my freaky Disease.

Purely a damaged human being.
Gentle as a strong fighter.

Keeping my will & motivating my desires.

You make me feel lighter.

From all of the heavier.

I feel a connection together.

You’re my strength in my heart

I trust that recovery will be hard.

But advised as something positively apart.

Forever…and ever. I love you😍 (MOTHER’S Heart)

Thank You So Much to you both.
(For Mrs. Sunita Bhaudria & Snehil Singh Bhadauria)Written by – P.S(PATIENT Stan)


2 thoughts on “My other Mother.

  1. Thank you, Stanly for these kind words. The feeling is mutual. You have proved me right, and I am so glad about that. Writing is a way of expression, so keep on expressing yourself unabashedly! Happy writing to you. Keep the patience my PATIENT son! “Damage has the possibility of “Repair” – just remember that 🙂 have a good day!

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