Survive…For Sure.

Relapsing. Out of CONTROL.
Night zone.

Lose control.

Sharp blades hopes.

To find the cures.

Enjoyed pain? Once more…
Do it, do it.

Don’t think.

Relief a bit.


Bloody filthy cravings.

Sober mindfucked training.

Take away this shit.

Blades to cut with grip.

Hands of pure hatred.

Bleeding. Wasted.



Found the best.

Measure to breath.

Blood gushing red.

Failures test.

Failed to get.

A filth to bet.
What will you??

Do?? Prove? Shout,


Yes, I’m pretending, totally, Confused.

Am I pure?

Or a fool.

Who’s who.

Tell the truth.

Self destruction shoots.

Abusing muse.

Black & white groove.

Remove those shoes.

Recovery is too loose.

Tied ropes, looking bored.

End more.

Die but survive for sure.

Harder, difficult, depression cure.


Lost hopes.

Losing controls.


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