Cutting Lines.

Anaesthetics to sensitive pain.

1 – Absolutely fine,

Behind closed eyes.

Wounded, insight.

Thoughts that are vile.

Simply right.

Cutting lines.

Negativity to fall back on time. 

A giant, the mind.

Abruptly designed.
2 – So tell me how are you alive?

The question survives…

I don’t know what am I?

Fixating on suicide.

What a waste of life.

Disappointing child.

Damaged & Blind.

But cutting lines.

Absolutely fine.

Never recognise.

Just fight????

Better with lies.
3 – Hollow Manifestation. 

Negativity Possessions.

Standing on terror junctions. 

Sleep-less, mind occupied; well function.

Forms of self destruction.

Coward & a relapsed failure.

Heart too heavy here.

Brain wasting near.

Normality feared.

Society is purely pressure, precisely for me it is empty tears.

Broken pretender.

Just surrender.

That you’re not good or better.
Died within a thin sphere. 

Happy to end here.

Suicidal plans feared.

Might lose anytime soon with mind tremors.
Timing dear.

Final cheer.

Dead dealer.
4 – I’m absolutely fine.

With cutting deep sharp lines.

Adrenaline to feel alive.

Some cuts might.

Would appear nasty but nice.

Deserved pain, recognised.

A gain dying.

Numbness Buying.

Exhausted and dried.
5 – Dark, deal.

What a feel!!!

Gently relieved.


A Dependency.

So please, let me cut more & bleed.

Because I feel guilty. 

Completely a gain to loner feels.

A 1000 Times I have isolated needs.



No, never be.

Monster inside, a freak.

Cutting lines properly.

Nights of hauntingly scary.

A nightmare fairy.

Burden to his own Family


Written by P.S(PATIENT Stan)


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