Ms. Sanjoly Agrawal. 

Best Friend Happy & Smiling. The way I like. She is pure delight.

Gold girl.Free off dirt.Friend of trust.

Simplicity must.

Forever just.

Cure me once.

You become a psychologist,  so good luck.!!
You are wide.

A mind.


Succeeding lines.

Slowly rising sunshine.

Putting life.

Not a price.

Genuine birds. 

Heart soo purity.



Communication property.

A positive variety.

Against my anxiety.

Don’t leave me.

Or give up on me.

Friends forever, you’re indeed.


My security.

My guide of extremes.

So please.

Forgiveness means.

A bathed cloth of varieties. 

Love purity.

Your charm is your personality.

Reflecting upon positivity.

Honesty policy.

Support Guaranteed.

She is a genius.!!!!indeed… Love You😉

Written by (PATIENT Stan) For Ms. Sanjoly Agrawal 


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