SNEHIL My Lifeline. 


1 – A best friend forever.

Probably better.

As caring brothers.

We will stay strong together.
Get through whatever.

Take away the blade pain, as to avoid manifesters.

Life throws at us; The Pressure.

You are a genuine care-giver.

Gentle to me, together we will cross the roads over & over.

My strength pillar.

Never left me, a sincere practical helper.

Damaged I am so kindly further.

Bear with the relapsing, but a survivor.

You’re a great brave fighter.

Making me happily smiling to your humours.

Amused by your heart’s Pleasure.

I appreciate it all, my strength provider.

Helping me to reach out of tremors.
3 – Hide.


But you find.

A deeply broken one inside.

So, you’re here, to make me feel alive.

A bond worthy of unknown infinite treasures.

Gold Turner.

SNEHIL Bhaudauria – The mood tuner.

My strength provider.

You are my saviour.

Who only gets my behaviours.
4 – A put up fight.

Against Dying.

Recognised, realised.

Picked me up from feeling fright.

Mind terrorised, theorised.

But I found you & my life.

Backed up by you, surprised!!!

You care &, you’re  building up my will to survive.

My best friend accepting me from the outside.

And I have the will to fight & survive.

You are mine.


LIFE…Positive Vibes.

4 thoughts on “SNEHIL My Lifeline. 

  1. Reblogged this on agoraphobpsychopath and commented:

    Happy Birthday HOMEBOY.
    “Thug niggas, I love my niggas, The small time crooks & the big time drug dealers. It’s my Homeboys. The only thing a nigga got left. I love my homies to death. You ain’t shit without our homeboys.” Tupac Thug Theory (BOND)


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