​Abandoned (Written for Shagun Suri) My Psychologist.

Help me to recovery.

I know.

I’m sure.

You would leave me alone.

So why control.

Blades show.

Bleeding hopes.

C’mon cut more.

Behind the doors.

Lost control.
Can stop it.

Can’t fight it.

People say deny it.

How do we fit?

Society’s bullshit. 

Bastard hit.

Applying shifts.

Of uncontrolled mood swings.

Hatred, begins to feed & brings, 

A gentle relief towards the skin. 

Bleeding horrific.

Don’t just stare kill me a bit.

Hurt bursting aggressive.

To total madness.

Find no happiness.

Lying around being possessed.

Sharp damn edges.

Craving skin begs.

Towards a failures test.

Killing himself.

No choices.

Feeling hopeless.

Feeling helpless.

In trying to forget.

All of the repressed.

Memories of loosing control again…

I beg you.

Please help!!!

This abandoned.

Written by P.S (PATIENT Stan)


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