Ms. Divya Vats

She is love 😍

1 – A gentle sensitive one.

But like me, total fun.

You make me stunned.

But turning up a situation.

You’re my supporter.

In recovery, much better.

And a sincere helper.
2 – I just wish the best for you.

In life, with succeeding tools.

That you find to use.

Never give up, never loose.

All the knowledge I learnt from you.

You stabilised my fucked up mood.

Over reactive fool.

Totally dripping droop.

With depression loops.
3 – I find you amused.

My best hopes under you’re news.

Consoling the confused.

Who is careless, broken & loosed.

Pathetic noob. 

I beg you.

I need you.

I love you.
4 – Listening to your struggles. 

I find myself inspired.

Which makes me strengthen together.

Listening to you made me feel better. 

Connected to whole lot of; pure treasures. 

Words that made me sharper.

Sanity with you is no more harder.

A friendship forever.

Amazed & blessed to get such a helper.

Who thinks sincerely, high of others.

Divya Vats = Happy Dubs.

And gentle fun.
Written by P.S for her best friend Ms. DIVYA VATS.


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