Critical Patient

Patient Stan, have planned……

1 – One has no choice.Living further, deny.

Become totally blind.

Relapse & die.

Don’t you, survive.

An attempt to a suicide.

End this life.

2 – Feeling low.

Out of control.

Do not show.

Bleeding pure.

Surviving shore.

Lost hope.

Decisions forced.

Leave me alone.
3 -Critical Patient.

In depression.

Can’t seem to get his way together.

Wasted filth of shit! !! Forever.

Living in guilty shames; surrendered.

Finally better.

Blade fader.

Critical Patient.
4 – Helpless, Hopeless.

Cut a vein, bleed to death.

Feel the pain.

The screaming voices of shame.

Self hate.


Fattening Scales.


Forever late.

Can’t eat; dead pain.

Anxious to put a blade.

Skin deep, RAPED…

Written by P.S 


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