Ms. Vibha Meena

KFC (Fun Time)
1 – Absolutely wonderful.Knowing you is pleasure full. 

Strongly ignited perfume.

Cute smileys used.

To give hopes to fools.(Stanly)

For me you are cool.

My client of a breathing tube.
2 – Voices

Happy Choices.

Life living the best.

You are for sure blessed.

I love you my friend.

Found you will the rest.

Cutesy shy aggressiveness.

Makes me laugh to happiness.

Surely you are the best.
3 – Do not loose.

Stay strong, winners shoot.

You’re a kick shinning star; beautiful.

Warmth of pure loops.

Happy, happy, always with you.

My friend whom I trust.

Calmly wishing you good luck.

You’re an amplitude who fully runs.

To care for others & affections.
Written by P.S (PATIENT Stan) For her friend Ms. VIBHA MEENA.


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