Shagun Suri (My Psychologist)

Angel from heaven

1 – Shagun Suri.

Well known psychologist with a number of theories.





She is purity.

She is an angel to guide my destiny.
2 – Talking to you.

These depressing roots.

Thoughts of anxious truths.

Help me! A request to groove,

My sold soul, dancing on negative loops.

Help this freak.

Try your best indeed.

Meeting up is like a cool smooth breeze.

Resting ahead calmly. 
3 – My savior.

To my self destructive behavior.

Kind & gentle.

You are awesome.

Fresh mind tree blossoms.

Discussing things which makes me feel better.

You are one hell of a racer.

I hope to get a speedy recovery out of this depression.

And out of self harming intentions.
4 – A bright sunshine.

Filled with hopeful light.

Everything she does, she shines.

True beauty; totally dignified.


A connection by surprise.

You make me smile.

Everything. Everytime.

More than a psychologist, my guiding lifeline.

Written by P.S For her Psychologist Mrs. Shagun Suri.


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