MUSIC (Last Hopes)


Music love😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

1- A fire ignition.

A pure desire, affectionate obsession.

Afair of a lover.

A fellow worshipper.
2 – MUSIC gives you wings to fly.

And spaces to breathe.

Gently, across the street.

Outburst of negatavities.

Forever meant to be,

A true lover; Indeed.
3 – Fighter.


Calm down! Breathe easier.

With it, without fear.

Too attached, too near.

Destroy negativity, from what you hear. 

Sounds good? A natural deer.

Struggling his way out; Headbanged & Cleared.

Negative fear.
4 – Outburst as in artform.

Slowly growing, developing like a new born.

Go out there & Perform.

Aggressions took out.

Inside it, positive vibes found.

Every Rule , Every Norm.

Do it!! Perform.

Outburst as in artform. 
5 – Passionate lover.

From all evils, feeling calmer.

Spaces to breathe harder & sharper.

Meditational pounding bass, Headbanged, Stronger.

Feeling alive, Live longer.
6 – Outburst as in artform.

So do it! Perform.

Go out.

Do it for the sick minds like you; Borned.

Outburst as in artform.
Written by P.S.


One thought on “MUSIC (Last Hopes)

  1. Wish there was no headbang!!! rest is fine and I hope there would be less use of – words like cuts, deep, bleed, ashamed, craving, headbang, hatred, depression, dark etc. and there will be more words like calm, positive, alive, light, peace, healthy, happy, walking, talking, sleeping, resting, eating, meditating, working, helping, creating, sharing, caring – because your writings reflect your feelings 🙂

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