Pessimistic Prism

Negative Thoughts Procedures

1 – Alcoholic, blind.

Can’t recognise.

To survive???

Living dead from the inside.

Negativity hides.

Unable to describe.

Comes out when try to deny.

Dead or alive??
2 – I trusted you.

I was the fool.

In giving you.

The freedom to loose.

You rage on me shoots,

Like a bullet from a gun into.

My sensitive heart broken by you.
3 – One more cut.

What a bloody idiot.

Self destructive behaviour.

Sibling hater.

Blade fader.

Bleeding better.

Words sharpener. 
4 – Perception has been blurred.

Out of a simple infection.

Pessimism to imperfections.

A particular center.

Defining the will of obsessions.

Looking for deep & dark sections.


For a simple strike to survival.

A general degradation.

Everything blamed further.

Cutting, hater.

Filthy shit! Pathetic Looser.

5 – A game changer.

All medicines taken.

Insanity still craved inner.

Under a strict disorder.

Relapsing power.

A wounding generator.

Surprisingly heavier.

Mood swinger.

Do it!! You’re a failure.

A Losing Dealer.

Lighter, yet a LOOSER.
Written By P.S


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