Reality of 3am

Bound to begin.

Hands strengthen.

Relatively dependant.

Must repent.

Failures present.

Reality of 3am.
Clock clock.

Tick rock. 

Brain mocks.

Another shot.

Deeper fought.

Suicidal thoughts.

Relapsing fraud.

Another call.

Blades felt.

Like a nest.

Nightmares dreamt.

Reality of 3am.
Another day ends.

Blade friends.

Switch the pen.

Cutting dents.

Blood gem.

No need of help.

A secret shelf.

Where everythings hidden.

Nights begins.

About to end.

Reality of 3am.
3 months of recovery broken by relapse.

Reality ended for me so fast.

What all I took what all I had.

Reality of 3 am taken by chance.

Surrender your will to cast.

Open another wound & relapse.

Victimised to self pity that.

Sins to wear the hats.
Written by P.S 


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