I really am trying hard


One day I will, 

I surely will. 

Will promise to kill.

That inner city to nil. 

To be filled.  

That lives.

That forgives. 


I’m lost. 

In the stock. 

Sinner borned. 

But forgot. 

He is the shock. 

Shock that knocks. 

To the black door, their boss. 

Falls and falls. 

Stable not. 

Starting to walk. 


Living is easy. 

Remaining alive is freely.

Supposed to be. 

Totally empty. 

I know it gently. 

Across my axis, mentally. 

Crime killing deeds.

What do you need? 

A rope that feeds. 

The sweetish life out to feel.



No knots to deal. 


Jumping out on the fields.


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