Chaotic Torture. Victimised Tragedy.

Normal VS Chaos

1 – The truth will never be told.

Lying is always what you did before.

Preoccupied with a self destructive mind.

Capable of ruining a worthy life.

Distorted reality.

Burning sanity.

Anxious nyctophile.

Somewhere found between the closing lines.

Light headed, feeling cold.

The sky above and the earth below.

Thinking what you’ve got, seems like nothing before.
2 – It’s the only way.

It’s the only road you’ve got to take.

Describing a habit has become so lame.

Surrendered to a failing fate.

Normality took me towards the peripheries of insane.

A sold out soul to a predator’s prey.

Made for nothing.

Living a lie filled with hating.

Denying all you need, you require.

Close calls elaborating pleasuring notifier.
3 – Fear & doubts horizon.

A slow poison.

How many times have you said, “I’m Fine.”?

With a disgusted face & bloodshot eyes.

Crippled senses uncoordinated behavior.

Demonic forces finally strike the deer.

Paralyzed to the extent of numbness.

Woken up by the voice through terrifying nightmares.

Temporary fakeness all appears reassuring.

Covering up pain through humor; next to avoiding.

Chaotic Torture. Victimized tragedy.

Destined to suffer naturally.

Written by P.S 


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