My Identical Name 

Made for failure.

Again profiling misbehavior.

Yielding inside the fear.

Once you are near.

Can’t cope what is here.

What do you want to deal with.
It’s already feeling like shit.

Just for once do it.

My identical name proves it.




Craved it. 

Find it. 

Blades to hit. 


Fighting those voices. 

Compulsive choices. 

Lost avoided. 

Lips guided. 

Controls finded. 


What should i do? 

I was helpless like a fool. 

So i found a tool. 

To slowly execute. 

My painful truth. 

Digged it confused. 

Bleeding let loose. 

Stiches dont look cute. 

Open it, you. 

Dumbass shoot. 

Bleeding let loose. 

Blood droops. 


Im lying.  

That im fine. 

Completely alright. 

Losing my mind.  

Losing everyday fights. 

I get nights. 

Screaming bright.

Cut you bastard with a knife.


Tolerating pain 

Has became a game 

Pure shame 

Fat ass lame. 

Urges came. 

I became. 

To cut myself again. 

Why such a day. 

Filled with negative hails. 

Im tired to blame. 

I hate.

My weight. 

You’re late. 

To maintain. 

My identical name.


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