Thank You


Left – Manvi Didi. Right – Shagun Didi

You’ve made me stronger.

You’ve made me healthier. 

You’ve made me face my fears. 

You’ve made me hear, 

That I can be happier. 

You’ve guided me. 

You’ve lighted me. 

You’ve ignited me. 

You’ve showed the light to me. 

You are extremely,  

A wonderful, helping human being.

That helped me through my insecurities. 


Even though I was rude. 

Acting immature because I was confused. 

You forgave me like no one else would. 

And this is the concrete truth. 

Digged inside me to find the dark fruit. 

Gently swaying me away from that group.

Its you who taught me how to use, 

The weapon, to deal with the -ve loops.  

So I humbly say Thank You. Thank You. 


Bleeding arms. 

Shivering body. 

Transforming me out of that misery. 

You helped me conquer my enemies. 

Which once ruled my destiny. 

Thanks to you now I am free. 

Your help showed me who I can really be. 

Without you I might’ve ended it already. 

A lost soul who was heading into tragedy.

But you saved me. 

Analysing my status so I could be ready. 

Providing me with a number of strategies. 

So I could defeat the most vicious practically. 

Otherwise it would’ve been never easy. 

And yes it was necessary. 

Because it was for my recovery.

So again I thank you, very kindly. 

I am healed finally. 

Thank you for taking care of my well being. 


Written by P.S for his precious psychologists.