A Self Harmer Never Forgets

Everyone matters

1 – Swallowed a pill.

Thinking this might be it.

A cure to this shit.

But it all never quits.

Scars left behind on skin.

Stayed clean for a bit.

But how much it will?

Take a second to drill.

Crave for pain to ease the hit.

Losing senses to become ill.

Relapsing agility turns out to be quick.
2 – A society of values without standards.

Losing faith in humanity as they’re all torturous.

Finding the exactly right purpose,

To live in such a world that hates to curse.

Like a broken glass everybody tries to make it worse.

Sick with the overall mental outcome.

Burning the so called lively emotions.

If you can’t properly function.

Whats the point to stay alive for infinite complications.

Some deal it with cutting to help them recover.

But it’s not all for attention.

It becomes a pure vicious addiction.
3 – Bullying the powerless.

It’s not we’re unfortunates.

We have just diminished senses.

So often we are left in helplessness.

Even if we fail to pretend.

Our character greatly represents.

That you would find it nowhere else.

A brain chemistry like of a cheated.

4 – Reality turned us to use our heart less.

On top of that we have adapted to every test.

But the mind is like a mob’s fest.

Surely it soon forgets.

On the ways of how we can defend.

Even from ourselves.

Then a suicidal self loathing is dressed.

After a number of years of harassments.

When there are no vital signs & left with only blank-ness. 

The build up of death seems harmless.

And we take our lives to give it a rest.

The pain inside which makes us deaf.

Rotting insides finally put to an end.

Like scars, like memories, words & silent screams, are something that a self harmer never forgets.

They run wild inside his mind over & over & over again.

Erasing the controlling puppets.

Addicted to a blade that is pressed.

Against the chest.

Thoughts run wild inside his mind over & over & over again.

Questioning itself & it’s existence.

Like scars, like memories, words & silent screams, are something that a self harmer never forgets.
Written By P.S (PATIENT Stan)

In memory of the lost souls & the ones who harm themselves (You’re all precious to me and I love you all), dedicated to them.


We’re all in this together. Let’s try atleast.
Biggest misconception. Relapsing is not a failure. You tried and that’s enough.

2 thoughts on “A Self Harmer Never Forgets

  1. I relate to all of this deeply. Most people don’t understand what drives people to do things like this and they need to understand that it’s a release of chemicals that becomes an addiction. It’s similar to a drug addict. I have depression also and I have scars all over my body. My most recent one reads, “FAT” because of unbearable anxiety from my ED. Hang in there xx

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