Self Harm

Mind Of A Self Harmer. Also known as self injury or self mutilation.

Scars, scars.

Fading scars.

Created in the dark.

They’re the marks.

Of the battles that tore me apart.

When I was weak, when I was far.

In the abyss terrified in the heart.

Shivering in pain that everytime marked.

My blood flowing down my arms.

Once used to relieve me from the past.

Or the silent screams inside me feeding my yard.

Pushed me into a deeper state that caused me more to harm.

Felt guilty, which was once where I’d start.

To create lines which were deep and sharp.

Carelessly I punished myself for being a part.

In disobeying my monster that circled most of my hours.

Always shouting to me, “I’m the one who’s incharge.”

Playing with me, “I’m the boss”, card.

When it was late night, I woke up to her evil laughs.

When I was awake, she abused me, till I agreed with her, riding in her car.

Then she happily handed me a blade, promising that it’s her cure, to relieve me fast.

I was unaware, that it was her trick, to make me her slave with one of her tasks.

To keep me restraint, in chains, inside her steel bars.

Once I was hooked, it was all a game known as SELF HARM.

Written by P.S. (PATIENT Stan)

(Self Harm is a serious problem, existing among all, both young & adults. It is a coping mechanism & a serious addiction. Yes it is similar to a heroin addiction. All it takes is just 1 cut to get completely hooked to it.)

In dedication to all those who harm themselves, know that you’re not alone and there’s always a cure to this problem. 


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