Horrors Of Reality 

Addiction base


Man is totally greedy. 

Everyone’s an enemy. 

A business deal. 

Or captivating future breed. 

Self hate begins to feed. 

A disgusted feel. 

No empathy. 

No assurities. 

No hopefull deeds. 


The Horrors of reality. 


Burning every essence. 

Inside a predators presence. 

Failed system, creeping ignorance. 

Once again you totally depend. 

The blanket is inside the shelf. 

Take it out and survive one more day in hell. 

Pain is a good temperament.

It latches onto your belief. 

Can’t interpret the combustible heat. 

Now you can see. 

Closed eyes, in my dreams. 


I feel,  

The horrors of reality. 



Filled With Fat

Perfect is illusion.

1 – Don’t you understand? 

What fills you is fat. 


Do what you can,  

Just overcome this expand.

With what you have.

Don’t you understand? 


What fills you is fat.


2 – Prepare the mice. 

It will all serve right. 

Until the price. 

Is what we get to describe. 

Too easily to get bribed. 

Too easily madness drives. 

Insane enough that multiples. 


3 – Ruining your skin. 

This fat just begins. 

To cover up your shit.

The void is from within.

That needs to be filled. 

Or else it will just stay there like filth. 

Until that, crazy bitch will wipe off my grin.

And will start to feed my mind & my free will.

Slowly she would make me ill. 

Silently she would sit still.

Till her time is at peak and I must be killed. 

On peripheries of numerous thrills.


4 – Sleepy, not able to concentrate. 

I still need to lose a few more of my weight. 

But now I’m unable to get my head straight. 

It’s always the blame game. 

Haunting me again & again. 

Nights filled with severe stomach pain. 

Still starving because there’s no other way. 

I still need to lose a few more of my weight. 

Now when I even face food my thoughts run insane. 

Punished by myself by dragging a blade. 

Just to end that shame. 

I turned open, depression’s gate.

And blades became my addiction that never could be explained. 


1 – Don’t you understand? 

What fills you is fat. 


Do what you can,  

Just overcome this expand.

With what you have.

Don’t you understand? 


What fills you is fat.

Written By P.S 









Welcome To The Machine

From here to eternity. (P.S, Flip Dippity)
The Earth as we know is wide, 

But the land is distributed and disguised,

In the name of money and religion they divide,

Engage in wars, illusion of God on their side,

Youth is rushing towards the gym,

Powerful biceps like never seen,

Whats the use when your hands are tied?


Another day in that land,

That soldier steady as he can,

Waits for the orders, 

Fuck his demands,

Innocence at gunpoint,

The soldier’s heart forced to cold steel,

Kill that little boy for his religion,



– Written by Dhruv Joshi (Flip Dipitty)

There is no use of muscular power. The system( which I referred to as machine) is too powerful to crush us. We are an individual part of this metaphorically mechanized system. Inflexible, orthodox and narrow minded system. Either be a sport and mind your own business and keep your world limited to yourself or grow some balls and slap in the face of the system with anarchy. An anarchist often has selfless goals.

Mock Us!


1 – Society mock us.

Our own thoughts gathers dust.

Convincing that we aren’t essential.

On our knees we surrender.

No one knew that we battled depression.

We’re haunted by unknown aggression.

And our addiction eats us.

Transforming the chemicals.

Inside our brain, the anatomical formation,

It slowly weakens our position.

Profane digestion. 

How can we reach out? When there’s just accusations.
Even after we die, people mock us.

So how can we open up?

Who can we trust?

When we’re tortured by pessimism.

We’re locked in a unknown prison.

2 – For once I wish, I could open my eyes.

My reality is too damn hard to describe.

When I’ve been framed by my own lies.

There’s only one thing in my mind.

A lifeless body is just existing & my mind provokes me to die.

2 bloody sensations, hypersensitive or dead inside.
Tell me how should I fight?

Even after my death you’ll all failed to recognise.

That each breath that I took, I was getting terrified.

So I took a jump to just make it right.

But I was too sick to verify.

Just to end the pain I took that flight.

All of you abuse me but none heard my cries.

Written by P.S 

Esp. for the souls who took their own lives and the rest others, just judged them further for that itself.

Society, community, culture and with lack of understanding; people often feel threatened in a way to talk about it. It’s not upto them but us to get more involved & talk to them more often, so they feel different and more lives could be saved. Even if we fail to do so we must not mock them further.

R.I.P Arjun Bhardwaj. 

It’s late

I wanted to give my best friend my blade. 

I did not realise that I was too late. 

I was unknown of his own games. 

He smiled back and shined his blade on my face. 

I was dissapointed in myself and wanted myself to blame.

That’s how It all again started for me, once again.

I was clean for so long & now it is just worsening the case. 

I wished the best for you but not this way. 

Pain was my addiction and now it’s his escape. 

One of my hardest to explain. 

This is the reality I came back to where I trade. 

Temporary but certainly I feel my recovery is a waste. 

You’re a temporary customer today. 

But you will soon need it everyday. 

When hate will dissolve in with pain. 

I’m so sorry my friend, but I did not ever mean to see you in a similar state. 

But I know It’s too late. 


Written by P.S