It’s late

I wanted to give my best friend my blade. 

I did not realise that I was too late. 

I was unknown of his own games. 

He smiled back and shined his blade on my face. 

I was dissapointed in myself and wanted myself to blame.

That’s how It all again started for me, once again.

I was clean for so long & now it is just worsening the case. 

I wished the best for you but not this way. 

Pain was my addiction and now it’s his escape. 

One of my hardest to explain. 

This is the reality I came back to where I trade. 

Temporary but certainly I feel my recovery is a waste. 

You’re a temporary customer today. 

But you will soon need it everyday. 

When hate will dissolve in with pain. 

I’m so sorry my friend, but I did not ever mean to see you in a similar state. 

But I know It’s too late. 


Written by P.S 


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