Horrors Of Reality 

Addiction base


Man is totally greedy. 

Everyone’s an enemy. 

A business deal. 

Or captivating future breed. 

Self hate begins to feed. 

A disgusted feel. 

No empathy. 

No assurities. 

No hopefull deeds. 


The Horrors of reality. 


Burning every essence. 

Inside a predators presence. 

Failed system, creeping ignorance. 

Once again you totally depend. 

The blanket is inside the shelf. 

Take it out and survive one more day in hell. 

Pain is a good temperament.

It latches onto your belief. 

Can’t interpret the combustible heat. 

Now you can see. 

Closed eyes, in my dreams. 


I feel,  

The horrors of reality. 



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