Fear And Loathing

The mind kills people when depression is on a full time job.

Losing all.

Slowly deform.

It’s your job.

To erase your cause.

Aggression faught.

Precisely called.

Self harm born.

Destructive thoughts.

Can’t control.

Mind vindictiveness propose.

Drag the blade, it’s the cure.

Fading anger, pain pure.

Silenced shore.

Dripping more.

Blood on the floor.

Lose control.

Closed doors.

Failing pattern.

Relapsing flattens.

Total motivation.

Starving purification.

Perverse addictions,

Slaughtering medications.

Anaesthetic sensation.

Survival negation.

An unfortunate situation.

Craving the sensation.

Failed distractions.

Mind distortion.

Fear & loathing progression.

Futile life destruction.

Written by P.S ‘PATIENT Stan’


S.A.S.H (Swimming After Self Harm)


1 – Make up, mirrors.

Silent killers.

A norm to fit better.

Why is our perception?

Fails when it assures vague redemption.

But that is just torture.

Weakened to surrender.

Words additionally pressures.

Destructive, vigorous measures.
2 – Cold blade.

Suffering pain.

Brutally maimed.

External hate.

Emotional drain.

Absurdily deranged.

On the face.

Slapped with hate.

Blood remains.

Suffering is just an escape.

Reality that you’ve framed.

But you’re just a waste.

Thoughts race.

Self evaluate.
3 – Isolate.

Pain induces escape.

Accept it that you’re afraid.

To live ahead is just not your way.

Suicidal rage.

Mind phase.

Considered again.

Nothing’s the same.

Erase your name.

Your existence, slowly fades.

So why not burn out in that case.

Tried to face.

Fear trembling in my veins.

Skin itching craves.

It’s the biggest mistake.

Picking up the razor sharp blade.

It’s shine seduced me & left me deranged.

Swimming after every cut made.

Blood cascades.

Seized up brain.

Numb the weight.

Dirty game.


Written by P.S. 

Thin Discipline 

Thought patterns.

1 – Thoughts.


Still not,

Concealment to chaos.

Dirty job.

Relapse fall.

Vicious call.

Deterioration to deform.
2 – Eat nothing.

All it takes is discipline.

Insanity drift.

Progressed to shift.

Starving will.

Hunger kill.

Slowly begin.

Breathe thin.

Negative binge.
3 – Tolerate.

Seeming to fail.

Pick up the blade.

Slash the pain.


Fat Shame.

Self Hate.

Pathetic Waste.




Can’t terminate.

This eyeless rage. 

Hands shake.

Anxious to mutilate.
4 – Motivation to dissociation.

Mind losing it’s formation.

Occupied obsession.

Agonising destination.

Purge redemption.

Sardonic variation.

Lethal provocation.

Cutting contemplation. 

Guilty exoneration.
5 – In session.

Stomped by depression. 

Waves of possession.

Anger suppression.

Erupting vibrations.

Mind toxification.

Corrupt perceptions.

Disciplined verifications.

Skin mortification.

Written by P.S – ‘PATIENT’ Stan