Thin Discipline 

Thought patterns.

1 – Thoughts.


Still not,

Concealment to chaos.

Dirty job.

Relapse fall.

Vicious call.

Deterioration to deform.
2 – Eat nothing.

All it takes is discipline.

Insanity drift.

Progressed to shift.

Starving will.

Hunger kill.

Slowly begin.

Breathe thin.

Negative binge.
3 – Tolerate.

Seeming to fail.

Pick up the blade.

Slash the pain.


Fat Shame.

Self Hate.

Pathetic Waste.




Can’t terminate.

This eyeless rage. 

Hands shake.

Anxious to mutilate.
4 – Motivation to dissociation.

Mind losing it’s formation.

Occupied obsession.

Agonising destination.

Purge redemption.

Sardonic variation.

Lethal provocation.

Cutting contemplation. 

Guilty exoneration.
5 – In session.

Stomped by depression. 

Waves of possession.

Anger suppression.

Erupting vibrations.

Mind toxification.

Corrupt perceptions.

Disciplined verifications.

Skin mortification.

Written by P.S – ‘PATIENT’ Stan 


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