A Cry For Help (Part 2)

Sickness! Godamnit


​Theme – Borderline Personality Disorder.

Bipolar Disorder.

Hopeless Romanticism.


Inktober (BPD, BiPolar)

1 – Contemporary Rapture.
Crossing my way to capture,

And to terrorise my human nature.

And swallow my bones like a vulture.

A war venture.A vile gesture.
A bloody red treasure.
Mind, heart, fracture.
Only parallel lines and no curvature.
Turn me vulnerable.
Skin disfigure.
Suicidal puncture.

2 – A Mind Connection.

A Soul Interpretation.
Call of beauty perception.
Human Nature Filteration.
A Psychedelic Formation.
A Natraja Transformation.
A Spiritual Dilution.
But all remains observational.
Notorious qualifications.
In absolute rustic concussion.
Horrifying confusions.
Tangled in a bunch of contradictions.
Which is my borderline retaliation.
Mummification & cremation.
Anger trade of self hate Justification.
Painful Circumcision.
Drowning my knees too weak, instateneous castration.
Breathing in dissociation.
Mental Damnation.
All I could feel are premonitions.
Of my own Self Destruction.

3 – I can’t be.

Even if I reveal.

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