Power Boys.

Dr. Harsh Rawat
Mr. Aditya Bisht a.k.a Ronnie

1 – Old school game.

Trap bass.

Window glass vibrate.

Methodical variate.

Tempo change.

Constructive exaggerate.

Beat base.

Body craves.

Mind gate.

To eternal vibrate.

Sweet shakes.

For Hip Hop’s Sake.
2 – Dr. Harsh Rawat. 

Eiffel tower.

Chill Trap power.

Mr. Aditya Bisht. 

The Ultimate Bass Filth.

True knowledge gratitude give.

Trap Bitch! 😂

Homie Chill.

Headbang shocks, fishes gills.

Percussive Rim.

Groovy bars head pinned.

Up and down neck wind.
3 – You are my Trap my guys.

You are my personal choice.

The best of the best in helping me voice.

My ultimate lyrical power boys!

My music lambhorgini and my rolls Royce.

Trap Noise.

Trap coil.

Time signature joy.

Hopes and fills of voids.

My lyrical power boys.

Written By Patient Flipped,  For Dr. Harsh Rawat, Mr. Aditya Bisht.

Thank you so much Guys! I love you and I respect you like a hell lot.


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