​How Self Harm Became My Self Awareness. Celebrating Thanksgiving & Gratitude (November) (The Mighty Submission)

Break the stereotype.

Article By – Stanly S. Toppo (Patient Flipped)

The most important thing to remember basically this month is that to be and become a kind reminder to yourself about what all you’ve been through, have grown and developed, how far and wherever you are in your recovery, you’re still trying your best. Every day, by staying alive, struggling, coping healthily and standing strong for more than enough. Allow yourself to be thankful and grateful to the people who’ve helped you reached where you are now. At the end of the day don’t forget to celebrate your life as well mighty warriors. 

(Part 1) 

(Tool-Kit For Help In Holidays) 

Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety. 

1) Self Harm and Eating disorders are in itself coping mechanisms, entangled between each other as well as it did for me. It’s always a key to remember that, not to force someone once they’re done eating. I know it seems very uneasy to digest this, but trust me we already struggle a lot to eat and when someone forces, their intentions are pure but it triggers us. So it’s always important to keep in mind, about this and I know your loved ones will enjoy more along with you. 

2) So when its holiday season people like us are often highly tensed, most of us get anxious because of the socialization associated in these days. If someone struggles to find themselves social, we as family members could help our loved ones, including in small conversations. Trust me it makes us feel belonging and special to the place and the present. 

3) Because of slips or relapses, whatever it is, instead of an intervention we could help our loved ones, bring them out of isolation and to spend time with us, ask them, and celebrate with them. Instead of blaming them and picking their mistakes, motivate them to get back to recovery. Make them feel special and valued, reach out for them, help them. We all as humans need to never forget that we or us is better than I or Me. It’s true, we as all humans first need to help others. 

4) Food is a high time issue in such a season. All we ask for is let us stick to our meal plan and if our mood is good we ourselves, will take more food. The meal plan which is particularly provided to you by your nutritionist. It makes easy for us to sit and enjoy around everyone because such times scares us to even talk to someone. 

Horror Hall Of Self Harm Mania!

(Part 2) 

My Pillars Of Recovery (Gratitude) 

1) ART (Painting)

Ms. Maanvi Chakraverty🙏🙏🙏

͚ART is a tool for some, it’s a silent weapon of choice. Art is known to have been curing and therapeutic in its functions which is vital for me to recover. The most inspirationally positive coping mechanism for me personally and for many others as well. A world entirely filled up with so many variations of messages, silent expressions, filled with extensive expressions,complexions and sophistications and what not more. Maanvi has made me channelize true perceptions of ART from an Artist’s point of view, by heavily influencing me through her own pieces. She has always been my rock pillar and provider of true strength and motivation and I owe her a lot for sticking up with me through my every thick & thins. It’s this reason why I constantly push myself as well to do the best at my recovery. Work on myself each and every single day with new challenges of a beautiful/gifted life. Thank You Maanvi!

The Lady In The Cosmic Curtain.

2) Writing (My Choice)

Mr. Dhruv Joshi a.k.a Flip Dipitty🙏🙏🙏

Writing is a battlefield to be honest. Like a source for me to deal with my urges, I still get it. I need to cope positively somehow and I try my best to write it all out. A Pen possesses the power to change or move the world, Writing has always been my main source at my recovery and has been quiteeffectively therapeutic for me in the most precious way. He has developed me, encouraged me; and have tried his best indeed to guide me, mentor me. He is my fellow writer, he also writes as well and have strongly influenced me in the most healthiest manner. A relationship purely developed through praise, respect, admiration for each other and finally hidden love of true brotherhood as Writer’s as well as Friends. Thank You Dhruv!

3) Reaching Out For Professional Help.

Ms. Manvi Sharma (Associate Psychologist)

She was also responsible in my recovery as well. When I hit my rock bottom, she became like my compass guide. She was my associate psychologist and still to this date, is a well known person to me.  Being elder to me she’s wise and quite experienced in her job of a psychologist, Therapy; along with medications have indeed helped me a lot. She has taught me so much and we together as one, worked things out simultaneously. She has helped me a lot and she also loves to read my writings as well. Her pure and gentle encouraging words and honest feedbacks on my own writings have proven to motivate me time and time again. It feels really good when you hear honesty. I respect, admire and I have a sincere amount of affection as a considerate human being for her. She has helped me like an elder sister, which I will never ever forget. Not matter what. Thank You Manvi Ma’am!


All I can say is that these three specific people in my life are like 

my gifts. A relationship with each one of them has made me 

found myself. 

These guys have been my rock strong pillars in my recovery and 

to reach out for help, end of all how to cope in a healthy 

manner. With so much trust, appreciation, love, affection, 

humblest gratitude and their more than kind , gentle human 

nature have taught a lot about my own self worth and value. 

I was once watching a documentary on self harm and at the 

end of it there was a positive message quoting, ͞SELF HARM͟, 

find yourSELF͟

͞stop the HARM͟

I would like to leave you all with this message. 

Most people don’t realize this that Eating Disorders are also a kind of self harm. When you’re destroying your body through unhealthy measures. And both (Eating Disorders, Self Harm)

Happy Holidays everyone. Take care and stay safe.


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