In You

Har Har Mahadev🙏

Written By P.S (Patient Stan) for Sati_TheMystique.

“Never stop painting dear.”
1 – In you.

Within you.

Art perfume.

In you.

Within you.

Art tune.
2 – Perfection.

Every section.

Justified absolution.

Breathing fusion.

Subtle frictions.

Still a unique crimson.

Powerful substitution.

Purified motivation.

Specified proportions.

Of Psychedelic poseidon. 
3 – In you.

Within you.

Art perfume.

In you.

Within you.

Art tune.
4 – Yellow, red.

Alpha led.

Goddess, head!!

Blue, green.

Killing the scream.

Bringing an ease.

Orange, Violet

Therpeutic silent.

Everything’s quiet.

Gentle, even in the riots.
5 – Pick up your paint brush.

Like an everlasting solid trust.

Which can’t ever be cursed.

And you heal a hurt.

Who’s a broken bird.

Cleaning the dirt.

After a burst.
6 – In you.

Within you.

Art perfume.

In you.

Within you.

Art tune.
7 – Like a good news.

Like an honest truth.

She proves.

To infuse.

Deep views.

and bomb affectively diffused.
8 – In you.

Within you.

Art perfume.

In you.

Within you.

Art tune.

Psychedelia! BOOM! (Third Eye)

With Love From Your Biggest Fan❤ P.S. 

I Love you Sati❤



So, have you had enough of my poetries???

The uncertainty remains.

As every time when it does I surely remember to write, it’s been one of my rock pillars to help me personally. Upcoming posts will be a series of new work featuring everything from the voices, to the ideation,  variations and most importantly wordplay. Which has been certainly the pattern from the starting of my writings. 

Manvi Sharma (Psychologist)

Depth and gripness. 

​My Psychedelic Third Eye.

Sati’s choice for this poem😉 I Love You Sati❤

1 – Every time. 
All the time.

Psychedelically refined.

Psychedelically binds.

Saving me from my demise.

Making me realise, she knows how to love right.

100% truth and no lies.

Lust can’t pollute these skies.

My love I rely.

On your laps where I can cry.

Where she rectifies.


The evil that underlies.

The evil which is oversized.

Not an object, not a device.

She’s different and she’s wise.

I promise to improvise.

My love you make me feel alive.

A reject, which you never deny.

Can’t you be mine?

My Psychedelic Third Eye.
2 – In my battle symphonies.

You are the key.


She’s my drug, she’s my belief, she’s my need.

Sacred purity.

My love and my strength but positively,

You turn my knees,

Psychedelically weak.

Your extravagant art is contemporary.

Your exclusive art is my destiny.

Your dark art is my shield.

What I always obsess and dream.

Found myself when I fell on your leaf.

Amplified bass Psychedelically. 

Soft delicacy.

Settling my darkness with peace.

Negotiating treaties.

Of an innocent humanity.

I see something extraordinary,

If you believe.

I’m black and white but you’re my  colourful creed.

My Sati The Mystique.

My Goddess, My Navy Seal, My breathing submarine.

You are perfect and I’m the one who’s a freak.

I’ve fallen for your soul’s immortality.

It’s your soul, I feel and not just your body, I see.

What I think is I don’t even deserve you personally.

Because I’m such a negative, dark, contaminated, toxic entity.

Who isn’t worth for anybody.


For you I’m damaged and too messy.

Who is essentially. 

A lost tragedy.

Who is a screw up in bio chemistry.

Ridiculed mentally.

Only you can save me Sati, my goddess, my almighty. 
3 – Your strong, unbreakable Vibes.

Is the one presence I can’t overlook nor deny.

Your pain is what I prioritise. 

What I personally want to fight.

Your flowing blood is my lifeline.

How can I lie?

That you’re starting to dominate every single corner of my mind.

A zone which can’t be verified.

Which can’t be described.

Let me reach you, let me help you when you’re not feeling fine.

Psychedelically Refined.

Psychedelically Binds.

My prime.

My rhyme.

Every time.

All the time.

Saving me from my demise.

Can’t stay lonely any longer, my sweetest beautiful butterfly. 

If you’ll leave me aside.

I promise to isolate myself, destroy and die.

Can’t you be mine?

My Psychedelic Third Eye.

Psychedelia! Boom

Written By P.S for Sati_TheMystique.

Delightfully Kill

The Psychedelic Experience (Sati_TheMystique) SOUL CONNECTION

1 – Delightfully kill.
Brain drilled.

Mind thrilled.

Body chills.

Murder within.

Evil springs.





Love injected.

Hate rejected.
2 – Ate in your dimension.

Stayed in your caring sessions.

Humble transformations.

Logical informations.

Can’t I stay?

Can’t I crave.

To grab your hand, my pure authenticate.

My pure flower vase.

Your gentle touch is my strong coffee  and my psychedelic bass.

And your gaze.

It gnaws my base.

Like floating in another dimensional aerospace. 

Knees weak but my anxiety fades.

You are my medical aid.

Sati, you are my own 1000 details.

I’ve fallen for an entire soul galaxy and not just only a beautiful body or a face.

Which the world usually quotes and  says.

No matter what, you are my becoming my life, you could never be replaced.

Rest my head on your lap and heal me with your tight embrace.

Can’t I stay?

Can’t I crave?

Or is it too late?

Who is a self hated mental case?
3 – Delightfully kill.

Brain drilled.

Mind thrilled.

Body chills.
4 – A chaos within the skin.

A gentle flow of the wind.

An obsessive brain binge.

Mental syringe.

Affections infringe.

But can’t convince. 

Physically vibrate with continuous sudden flinch.

So, my heart, it’s yours, and you’re only imprinted.

You’re my centre and not just my brim.
5 – Delightfully kill.

Brain drilled.

Mind thrilled.

Body chills. 

From the hills.

Hold my hand, hold my bleeding wrists.

And delightfully kill. 

Left (Patient Stan) Right (Sati_TheMistique)

Written by P.S for SATI_TheMystique.

Chocolate Mousse

In this pic. Snehil, Mukul, Sanjoly, Pragya, Kriti, Solomon, Kajal, Ronny, Harsh, Divyanshu, Dhruv, Abhay.

1 – Every single one of you.

Has provided me with the truth.

So that I can regroup.

So that I can improve.

And amend my roots.

Inspiration bomb ass proof 😛

You are so very cool.

My friends…my sweet chocolate mousse.

In my dark nights, the shining moons.

Being there always, Supporting, through you, 

I’m moved.
2 – And you guys improve the vibrations.

Of negative emotions.

Loving personifications. 

Acceptance exemplifications. 

Of a despised jurisdiction.

Their Human Nature.

All are the ones I personally favor.

Like a positive care taker.

Like a happiness enabler.

Like a soft paper.

Like a good talk! Communicator.

Always the delightfully sweet fruit pops.

My lyrical thoughts.

My wordplay Hip hops. 

My strength & my fighting cause.
3 – My friends…my sweet chocolate mousse.

You’ve just figured out that I’m just a tangled wool.

And you all are like my muse.

Of recovery swimming pool.

Healing by your mood.

When I’m anxiously doomed.

Took me out of my cocoon.

And displayed my home, my roof.

Gave me love. Offered me juice.

My shooting stars, my positive values.
4 – My friends…my sweet chocolate mousse.

In my dark nights, the shining moons.

Being there always, Supporting, through you, 

I’m moved.

My friends, My sweetest chocolate mousse.

Written By P.S For his Dear precious Friends.

You are the bestest of best and extraordinary for me.

Love, Hugs, appreciation & finally respect.

The Reject

Bhassam hain sab!!!

1 – I am the cheapest.

I am the weakest.

I am the tree nest.

Of ill treatment.

Neat pegs.

Addiction pet. 

Self destruct test.

The Reject.

I am the reject.

2 – Lonely.

Why were you only?

Left with such negativity,

Collapsed heaps.

Borderline Creep.

No sleep.

No dreams.

Can’t meet their eyes. 

Can’t see. 

Can’t feel.

Hydration on low self esteem.

Relapse deeds.

A big sharp shiny steel.

Guilt to the appeals.

Nothing reveals.

Silent screams.

Addiction supreme.

3 – Abandonment victory.

What do you believe?

“A stranger” from the Joker’s philosophy.   

Traces to heal, 

Traces to treat.



Without any pity.


Just bleed.

To treat,

to meet, 

to reach, 

to keep, 



Evil keys.

Of a sanity peace.

Survival grease. 

Leaking gently.

Bandaged hankee.

Still blood red, bed sheets.

Morning peel. 

4 – I am the cheapest.

I am the weakest.

I am the tree nest.

Of ill treatment.

Neat pegs.

Addiction pet.

Self destruct test.

The Reject.

I am the reject.

5 – Alienated.





Emotions, pasted.

Red fucking humiliate.

Gather around for the race.

Another phase.

Abductive mind games.

Never stops, begun to chase.

What’s your fucking name?

Stan…you’re a big shame.

So now, MAIM.

Maim Motherfucker Maim.

Somehow, escape.

This base.


When you’re late.

But Dirt is paid.

Of guilty mistakes.

Self Harm seems to be the only way.

Live your dark days.

But uncertainty remains.

With Slow, poisonous, death’s pace.

6 – I am the cheapest.

I am the weakest.

I am the tree nest.

Of ill treatment.

Neat pegs.

Addiction pet.

Self destruct test.

The Reject.

I am the reject.

Written By ‘Patient’ Stan. (P.S)


Red Coloured Paint (I.A.P.G. Impulse, Action, Pleasure, Guilt)

Impulse (Noun)

A strong and unreflective urge or desire to act.

Action (Noun)

The fact or process of doing something; typically to achieve an Aim.

Pleasure (Noun)

A feeling of happy satisfaction or  enjoyment.

Guilt (Noun)

The fact of having committed something wrong or have implied failure, offence or crime.

Credits: SATI_TheMystique.

Red Coloured Paint (I.A.P.G)
1 – Where will you go?

How will you cope?

When there’s just a fan and a sight of a rope.

And it turns to only one of your remaining last hope.

You start writing suicide notes.

In guilt, when the pain is more.

Earlier than before.
2 – What will you ask for?

Fucking end it all.

With a final call.

A call to make you shock.

A shock to make you knock.

A knock to make you empty like a rock.

An empty rock to make you small.

So small to make you end the pain cause.

A pain cause to build your walls.

With those walls, your mind mauls.

Bloody body is hauled.

Depression knot.

Anxiety clot.

Self harm mock.

Insomniac brawl.
3 – How will you stop?

How will you solve?

How ill, will you fall?

Ravaging dissolve.

Impulse – A Loop, a ball.

A vicious weavement of thoughts.

An Agent Of Chaos.

Action – An arousing pod.

Pleasure – A seductive boss.

Guilt – The splash of the sauce.

Drip – drip.

A releived grin.

Across my chin.

Just lose it.

And stains fill.

Blood on my nail prints.

This man who’s accusative.

Shine of the sedative, palliative.

Mind repetitive.

Screaming,”rule of 10 hits.

You fat bitch!!!

Why did you ingested?”.
Old nightmares haunts with a butcher’s knife.

A rope appearing nearer and nearer with that dreadful smile.

I might kill myself tonight.

Because nothings alright.

So I’ll become the sacrifice.


To vice.
4 – It’s no more a game.

When scars begin to fade.

The urges make you vulnerable in shame.

Night time makes,

To lose my shades.

A tool innate.

A tool intricate.

Chugging down liquor generates. 

Unlimited wage.

Of severe self hate.

Precision of my mistakes.

Played, replayed.

Mind Slaved.

Human brain.

Impulse – You can’t wait.

Action – Objection is sustained.

Pleasure – Draining the pain.

Guilt – And the devil rapes.

Time to time, again and again.

Until he mutilates. 

Until I suffocate.

5 – In depth.

My blade lies beside my bed.

A bleeding fest.

Cheek bones bruised red.

From rapid punching of myself.

Only exhaustion left.

Something begins to fade my present.

From the torment.

As many, and when I make more dents.

On my ugly flesh.

Borderline refreshed.

Necessary evil exponent.

Impulse – Self Harm Savage.

Mental Mallet.

Action – Depression Valid.

Tool – kit, Solid.

Pleasure – Annihilation Jotted.

Areas Spotted.

Guilt – Emotions Distraughted.

Visions Distorted.


Written By P.S