Unfortunates Of The Night (Title by Flip Dippity)

Well we always do but it never seems to happen
Place your feet in my shoes and see. (Idol)

1 – Antisocial Tendencies.

What about me?

Ignore the bloody.

Criticise the feel.

What we’re not able to deal.

Only we know please.
2 – We are not blind.

Just have lost focus out of sight.

All we wanna do is die.

Call us unfortunates of the night.

We only know, how we fight.

Urges & enemies that together shout & collide.

My destiny abrupted behind.

So, I ask you how many times?

You’ve wondered I’m fine.

I’m not right. Tell me I’m not right.
3 – Soaked in blood.

I don’t care to give a fuck.

All I know how to self destruct.

Magnet to bad luck.
Yes, I will run.

Yes, I will hide.

Testing my will to attempt suicide.

Don’t get surprised.

When one day for surely I will definitely die.

Unfortunates of the night??

We are the victims of our own mind.

That practically survived.

The night phase of pressuring fights.

So, how many times??? I ask you.

With your phone called me to know I’m alright.

Don’t criticise.

Nor quote it like,

That the truth seemed denied.

Cuze only I know one day I won’t survive.

Relapsed derived. 

Precisely wounded inside.

Cutting outside.
4 – Antidote, to my physical pain.

Becomes my only last hopes.

You don’t know.

What all I’ve been through before.

So leave me alone.

Cuze you don’t know.

Nor I choose to ignore.

Never took you lightly for sure.

Just bored.

Push & show.

Careless notes.

Pain is my antidote.

Pain is my last hope.

Writing careless notes.

Like I used to always show.

To pretend my pain is hollow.

It’s nothing, it pure.

Self hate of bleeding floors.


​Posts Filled With Negativity 

1 – Once again I come to you

Hoping to cure my mind abuse.

But surely, I was the fool.

Getting stepped everytime under you’re shoes.
2 – My soul, you saw it naked.

I never at all pretended to fake it.

But you are one lying filth, who’s hypocrite.

Broke me down to fucking pieces.

Which at all, even I never expected.

Confused b/w your words of support & hatred.

Simply turning out to be mean; dismissing my rubbish.
Main Verse – 

Yet again, Judge me.

On sharing idiotic posts filled with negativity.

Like the entire society.

Who has already lost their views on empathy.

Like Them, Judge me.

On sharing idiotic posts filled with negativity.

I was there for you when you needed me.

Clinged onto you, to make you realise, how strong a women could be.

There are people in your life now, so you don’t want me.

I even accept your ignorance kindly.

Yet again, Judge me.

Make me feel guilty.

On sharing idiotic posts filled with negativity.

Ignore the monsters inside of me blindly.

Yet again, Judge me.

On sharing idiotic posts filled with negativity.
3 – You said, I want you to live for me.

How can I? When I’m not at all happy.

You’re just trying to suppress me selfishly.

All I needed was help to find an answer to my own misery.

I can’t seem to control this negativity.

It’s not me, it’s the demons who are fighting against my destiny.

Trying to fight back hard but giving up immidietly.

Merely surviving but living in pure hell practically.


4 – A lost tragedy.

Can’t find his way back to gravity.

All I want is to live pain free.

But the monsters keep sticking knives at me.

Sorry, it’s my fault, you are mighty.

And I’m a weak coward who is totally creepy.
5 – Kill the fucking sheep.

Slaughter him & make him bleed. 

Take out you’re personal aggression on him daily.

Take his corpse & dump him secretly.

A bloody toxic negativity.

Sharing idiotic posts filled with negativity.

Apply full on power, I request, “HIT ME”.


Because I share idiotic posts filled with negativity.

Insult my work, I don’t care, I’m already…

Under fucking achieved.


Because I share idiotic posts filled with negativity.

Yet again, Judge Me.

Hit me & kill me.

Because I share idiotic posts filled with negativity.
Written by :- P.S  (PATIENT Stan)