Welcome To The Machine

From here to eternity. (P.S, Flip Dippity)
The Earth as we know is wide, 

But the land is distributed and disguised,

In the name of money and religion they divide,

Engage in wars, illusion of God on their side,

Youth is rushing towards the gym,

Powerful biceps like never seen,

Whats the use when your hands are tied?


Another day in that land,

That soldier steady as he can,

Waits for the orders, 

Fuck his demands,

Innocence at gunpoint,

The soldier’s heart forced to cold steel,

Kill that little boy for his religion,



– Written by Dhruv Joshi (Flip Dipitty)

There is no use of muscular power. The system( which I referred to as machine) is too powerful to crush us. We are an individual part of this metaphorically mechanized system. Inflexible, orthodox and narrow minded system. Either be a sport and mind your own business and keep your world limited to yourself or grow some balls and slap in the face of the system with anarchy. An anarchist often has selfless goals.


Lost Appeals.

​Here, again, I want to go,

Away, far, to a distance unknown,

Rituals and faiths on a blind ideal,

No bone to reform like an unbreakable seal,

They say Lucifer is locked down in hell,

But either he is free or we are down with him in well,

Every man, every woman seems a bit odd to me,

“Nice to meet you”, how can you say that when we just had seconds to greet,

Why these social obligations? Isn’t it good enough we are we?

But, I know, society, oh damn! Society!

Left – P.S , Right – Flip Dippity

Written by my dear friend Flip Dippity a.k.a Dhruv

The World Broke Us(Title by Rocky Toppo)

Hypocrisy is not realising.
Blades & cigarettes for anxities.

1-Suggestively confusing.Actively blaming.Void to nothing.Trying to break & using.Insecurities.

Dependant, burden physically. 

Why relationships are meant to be.

To just Adjust with the society.

Turning psychotic blindly.

Innocence of variety.

Suppressed to prove beauty.

Why can’t I be me???
2-Say it please.

For once I cared in need.

That too is being questioned simply.

Expressions & emotions? Used to be.

Now all dirty and filthy.

Why are you so close to hurt me?

I myself is an enemy, of me. isolation not dependancy.

Cuze I care no more about my very ill body.

A cutting duty.

Fire please.

Self destructive needs.

The world is breaking us apart indeed.

Fuck life, Fuck society.

Leave me alone please.

I don’t want your sympathy.

Neither your words of relief.

It all just piles up more to my own disease.

Which will develop practically.

Shaped by society.

Adressing the the pariahs as greedy.

Seeking attention freak.

Mess with me.

Hate me.

Kick the shit out of me.

Whatever you feel extreme.

Take it out on me. 
3-But I won’t Mind

The self destructive choice.

Gently implied.

Phisophically died.

Looser & shy.

Silently denied.

Whispering voice.

Bleeding lines

Broken by the world, from the inside.
4-Another deep cut.

What the fuck.

You messed up.

Despite being positioned.

Taking precautions.

Still a dominating depression.

Deal the dumb.

Lifeless-Ness begun.

A sensitive one.

Died with black luck.

And choosing to carelessly self destruct.

I D G A F.
5-The world broke us,

With nice people for just.

To sympathise our dust.

We don’t need a new bus.

Arrived with anti – religious Narcs.

All we want is to die fast.

You just made messy. 

lately to cut sharp.

Just accepting the dark.

Dark progression…final death destination. Pressuring depression, Isolation is better than dependancy, broken Empath. Borderlines are Assholes. We surely hate ourselves. Do not depend or defend. Because it’s soon to end, the will to test.

Written by P.S (PATIENT Stan)